This module prepares teachers to teach Biology/ Life Sciences from Grades 10-12.

Specific learning outcomes:

By the end of this module, students should be able to

  • Critically discuss the place of Biology in the school curriculum.
  • Devise appropriate teaching plans, lesson plans, learner activities and resource materials for Biology teaching.
  • Identify and design strategies to correct common difficulties in teaching and learning Biology.
  • Develop and implement assessment strategies for Biology.
  • Critically discuss theoretical and practical issues in teaching Biology.
  • Identify and use tools and technology for teaching specific knowledge and skills in Biology.


Content topics:


  • PCK and the Biology/Life Sciences teacher
  • Introduction to CAPS for Life Sciences
  • The nature of science
  • Difficult areas and misconceptions in Biology, including research in this area and strategies to overcome misconceptions
  • Teaching strategies for incorporating practical work in Biology
  • Environmental Education
  • Resources for Biology teaching
  • Communication in Biology
  • Assessment in Biology