Course Description:

This module introduces students to the legal framework and policies that guide and regulate the operation and development of tourism in South Africa. Special emphasis is placed on legislation relating to the niche area of cultural and heritage tourism. Students will not only be familiarized with specific tourism laws, policies, norms and codes of ethics, but also with broader legal concepts and an understanding of the law as a social institution in the making of society, paralleling the role of heritage and heritage tourism in building and representing the nation. This module builds on basic knowledge about tourism introduced in CHTM101 and CHTM102 and serves as prerequisite for the 3rd year module CHTM 308 – Tourism Policy, Planning and Development.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this module you should be able to

 Understand the significance of policy and legislation in the development and operation of tourism in South Africa

 Distinguish between law and other rules, norms and customary practices

 Understand law as a social institution in the making and sustaining of society

 Know about the sources of law, the making of policy and its relevance to the tourism industry

 Have a basic understanding of the law of contract and its applicability in the tourism industry

 Describe the main tourism organisations and their regulatory framework

 Describe the