The primary aim of the course is to give the student the tools to engage in elementary thinking about architecture, and to provide an introductory vocabulary of design principles. The course aims to instil in the student the awareness of the benefit of a considered approach and to understand that Theory could be the ‘coat-hanger’ from which aspects of design such as composition and ordering principles could hang.

 Specifically, the course has as its objectives the following:

  1. Creating an awareness of not just the ‘what’, but also the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of architecture.
  2. Providing the student with an arsenal of elements and principles to implement in design projects.
  3. Encouraging active engagement with the literature. The student is required to study and understand the sources as a way of filling out the lecture delivery.
  4. Encouraging participation in the lecture series – the student not as consumer of information, but role-player in debate.
  5. Engaging with the built environment as precedent through visiting buildings and spaces.
  6. The introduction of analytical skills for ‘reading’ the built environment.