Welcome to the course ‘CULTURE, HEALTH and ILLNESS, this second year course in Anthropology is concerned with the range of issues that surround the meanings people attach to health, illness and the therapeutic process, as well as the ways in which social and cultural dynamics shape expressions of sickness. As a course in medical anthropology, its subject matter straddles the margins of the clinical and social sciences and is based on fieldwork research in a wide range of contexts - from urban Japan to rural Uruguay. This course examines some crucial public health issues such as the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the rise of chronic degenerative disease, the cross - cultural study of mental illness, and the impact of globalization on traditional and modern medical systems.


The aim of this course is to give students an appreciation for the role played by cultural schema and social environments in shaping peoples experiences of illness, including their beliefs and behaviors in relation to particular disease.


The coordinator and lecturer for the course is Ms. Nokubonga Mazibuko.

Please feel free to email or phone should you have any enquiries or concerns regarding the course.



Email Address: mazibukon@ukzn.ac.za                                             

Phone Number: (03) 260 2538

Room 269, Memorial Tower Building, 2nd floor.