Aim: This module is not about verifying the truth claims of any religion. Rather the aim of the module is to understand the possibility and limits of religion as something that represents “the best and worst in human experience.” And how religion, therefore, could either help resolve or fuel conflicts in society. That is, in both national and global contexts.


Content: While the module explores and deals with different kinds of conflict situations where religion is perceived as a catalyst or potential player, the opposite is also examined; that is, can religion enhance human co-existence? Accordingly, through a thematic approach the module is not limited to but explores some of the following themes: resurgent religion and religious fundamentalisms; impact of secularization on society; religion/ethnicity, clash of civilizations, the tension between Religion, Violence and Peace in conflict and post conflict situations. That is, where religious symbols are  either mobilized to find peace (and harmony) or frustrate such a process.