The primary aim of this module is to acquaint students with the skills and knowledge sufficient for them to demonstrate a working knowledge of the theory and practice related to building construction methods, technologies, and materials within the South African construction sector. It is focused on multi-storey structural components, introducing complex site operations. The course will also focus on the properties of selected building materials and how these materials can be used to achieve innovative and sustainable design. Lectures will then turn to reviewing Site regulation, Building Contracts & conditions and building health and safety requirements.

This module is also aimed at developing communication skills by using mind mapping, academic writing, and IT-based techniques.

The learning approach adopted is generally based upon a student-centred and problem-based learning approach. Adopting this constructivist approach, the lecturer’s primary role is that of a facilitator of the learning, and the prior ability and knowledge of the learner determines the learner’s approach to a learning task. This view conceives of a more active role for learners, particularly for those who choose to be engaged in meaningful learning where their intentions become more significant than those of the teacher.