The Level 1 Drawing and Design Module FIAR101 introduces the fundamental principles and practice of drawing, design and the presentation of work using different art materials and media. The aim is for students to develop technical proficiency in basic drawing skills that can be applied across visual media and disciplines. This studio work course includes:

  • drawing from observation of 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional subject matter
  • experimenting with a variety of drawing materials
  • learning composition, design and presentation skills 
  • theoretical knowledge and practical experience of traditional and contemporary drawing
  • care of equipment, studio maintenance and cleaning

The course consists of discussions, practical demonstrations and learning through continuous studio practice through a variety of drawing projects. The student will receive regular individual and occasional group feedback on progress. Student must attend all class sessions in order to develop and meet the aims of the course (see DP requirements below). There will also be formal assessment of the major assignments.

DP requirement: Attendance of 80% of lectures and completion of all assignments. 

Assessment: 25% assignments, 75% final display of the semester's practical work for examination.